Intelligent Enterprise Workforce Rostering & Scheduling Software
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Solutions: Overview

Rostima understands the importance of effectively managing a workforce and acknowledges staff as an organisation's most valuable resource. Its market leading suite, Enterprise Plus, is an easy to use, intuitive Workforce Management solution. It is designed to allocate work more fairly whilst reducing administrative time and overhead cost through efficient deployment, alignment of workforce and objective. It therefore matches workload to staff resources in a changing operational environment, helping customers achieve significant cost savings.

Built on the Microsoft.Net technology platform, the solution is extremely sophisticated in that unique algorithms are embedded into the software which enable customers to gain operational efficiencies.

The solution is configuration driven, meaning that its functions and expected behaviour is determined and altered by users' settings. This allows immense flexibility in the solution to ensure that it captures and delivers all needs and preferences of the business.

Due to the flexible nature of the solution, the software can be configured by our consultants to fit the key preferences and needs of the customer. This means that the customer can decide what solution is best for their business from fair distribution of work to focused deployment of selected employees, or from fixed employees to fully flexible schedules. The power is therefore in the customer's hands.
Once the solution is configured to reflect the exact needs, restrictions and rules of the business, the system will take into account other factors such as resource capabilities, availabilities, preferences, labour laws, skill mixtures and expected workload. It will then enable the creation of appropriate rosters that take into consideration all of these variables.
Integration is never an issue with Rostima. The system provides an effective integration platform to other key systems including HR, Time & Attendance, TOS, SMS Gateways, Payroll and Berth Systems.
Rostima Enterprise Plus