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Employee Self-Service

Automated leave planning, roster communication and notification through staff kiosks or over the internet.
Leave limits (taken from Rostima's LeavePlanner™) are communicated with staff either directly, through reports or online via the Self-Service Web Kiosk -  see Fig. 5 below.

Fig. 5 – Self-Service Web Kiosk screenshot
·         Green; indicates availability for leave request can be applied for.
·         Amber; indicates pending leave requests to be authorised by management. If authorised, would meet the allowable leave limit by day.
·         Red; indicates no availability for leave requests (blackout period or allowable leave days limit has been met).
Once slots for leave have been indicated, staff will be able to book leave directly or make leave requests.
The Self-Service capability is designed to reduce administrative effort by empowering employee self-management of planned absence, holidays, time off in lieu and shift changes.
The initial version release supports the following activities:
·         messaging service
·         viewing individual rosters
·         holiday requests
·         shift swap requests
·         staff availability
·         updating personal details
The Employee Kiosk can be accessed from home over the web or via a staff room portal onto the intranet. The colours and look and feel can be configured to represent clients' company standards.

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