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Industries: Overview

Rostima's solutions have been developed through consultation with the Aviation and Ports/Logistics operators' management to address the requirements and necessities of Workforce Management within those sectors.

In the last few years and more recently, the Company has witnessed dramatic changes in commercial air travel and international logistics and with the rules, regulations and demographics for operations in the future. These not only affect the Aviation and Maritime sectors, but have far reaching impacts on industry as a whole.

Workforce Management has been central to these changes and the Rostima product portfolio has been developed specifically to address the operational and management challenges involved in complex and large workforce environments.

Rostima has evolved into a global leader in providing solutions and consultancy for Enterprise Workforce Management with the use of its proprietary software designed to increase productivity, improve profitability and enhance operational efficiency.

It has built solutions that have proven demonstrable business benefits and cost savings through efficiencies in labour planning and execution.

Rostima for Aviation

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